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About Europarts

Europarts was established in 1983 as an alternative to the mainstream dealer network, suppling new genuine and non-genuine spare parts to retail and trade customers alike. The company is now extending this service to retail clients through Internet and Email.

Europarts was purchased by Ted Geermans in 1996. Ted’s background as a Peugeot mechanic integrated nicely with Europarts, and the business was relocated in Cheltenham at 313A Reserve Road.

In 2005 Ted joined forces with John Prins, whose involvement with Peugeot goes back to 1966. John did his apprenticeship with Regan Motors and in 1978 started his own business called Tanganyika Automotive Engineering, specialising in Peugeot repairs. John moved on to become the Service Manager at The Healey Factory in Ringwood and later became the Sales Manager for a large auto parts wholesaler. His combined knowledge of parts, sales and hands-on experience has made John a valuable asset to this organisation.

Together Ted and John have over 60 years experience in the motor trade and look forward to assisting you with any inquiries regarding parts or service for your Peugeot.

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